Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A

Introducing the Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A: Effortlessly control your battery system up to 48V with this versatile switch. Featuring an ergonomic knob design and removable feature for enhanced safety. Simplify your power management now!


Introducing the Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A: Your Ultimate Power Control Solution

The Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A is a cutting-edge device designed to provide seamless control over battery systems up to 48V. With its exceptional features and versatility, this switch is a game-changer in the world of power management.

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Ergonomic and Aesthetic Design: Experience unparalleled ease of use with the Battery Switch’s unique ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing knob design. Its intuitive operation ensures effortless control over your battery system, simplifying your power management tasks.

Removable Knob for Added Safety: Safety is paramount, and the Battery Switch takes it seriously. The removable knob feature allows for isolation and enhanced safety measures, giving you peace of mind during maintenance or when the switch is not in use.

Flexible Mounting Options: Adaptability is key, and the Battery Switch offers just that. Whether you prefer surface or panel mounting, this switch accommodates your installation preferences, making it a perfect fit for various setups.

Compliant with ISO8846 Ignition Protection Standard: Engineered with adherence to the ISO8846 Ignition Protection standard, the Battery Switch guarantees safe operation even in engine rooms or environments with potential ignition hazards.

Experience the next level of power control with the Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A. From its user-friendly design to its compliance with safety standards, this switch ensures a seamless and secure power management experience for your battery systems. Upgrade your power control game today!