BMV-700H & BMV-710H Smart

BMV-700H & BMV-710H Smart: Precision battery monitors for high voltage systems. Track state of charge and ampere hours consumed. BMV-710H Smart with Built-in Bluetooth for wireless monitoring via VictronConnect App. Upgrade your energy management now!



Introducing the BMV-700H & BMV-710H Smart: Precision Battery Monitors for High Voltage Systems!

Designed specifically for systems with high battery voltages ranging from 60 to 385 Volts, the BMV-700H and BMV-710H Smart are top-of-the-line battery monitors offering unparalleled precision.

Files from Victron:

These monitors calculate the battery’s state of charge and track ampere hours consumed by seamlessly integrating the current flow. Equipped with a round head unit, square bezel overlay, and a screw ring for easy mounting, they come complete with a 10m UTP RJ12 cable, fused power supply cable, and a 500A/50mV shunt. The shunt, housed in a special enclosure, ensures safe operation for high voltage applications.

The BMV-710H Smart takes it a step further with Built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless wireless connection to your phone or tablet via the VictronConnect App. Access crucial battery parameters like state of charge, time to go, historical data, and more with utmost convenience.

Stay ahead in energy management with the BMV-700H & BMV-710H Smart. For further details on the entire BMV range and compatible accessories, check out our blog.

Upgrade to precision and wireless control today with the BMV-700H & BMV-710H Smart Battery Monitors. Empower your high voltage system and make informed decisions effortlessly!