BMV-702 (Black)

Introducing the BMV-702 (Black) High Precision Battery Monitor: Elevate your energy control. Track ampere hours consumed and battery charge with precision. Versatile models available from 6.5V to 95V. Optimize power usage. Stylish black finish. Upgrade your energy management today!


Introducing the BMV-702 (Black) High Precision Battery Monitor: Power Your Energy Efficiency!

Upgrade your energy management with the sleek and sophisticated BMV-702 (Black) High Precision Battery Monitor. This cutting-edge device sets the gold standard in precision and performance, allowing you to take full control of your battery system.

Files from Victron:

The BMV-702 (Black) excels at calculating ampere hours consumed and accurately determining your battery’s state of charge. By seamlessly integrating the current flow in and out of the battery, it provides real-time insights into your power consumption, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your energy usage effectively.

Designed to complement any setup, the BMV-702 (Black) boasts a striking black finish that adds a touch of elegance to your energy management solutions. Its compatibility with models ranging from 6.5V to 95V ensures versatility across various applications and battery systems.

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Elevate your energy efficiency and embrace a new era of power management with the BMV-702 (Black) High Precision Battery Monitor. Upgrade now and experience precision, style, and reliability like never before!