BMV-712 Smart (GREY/BLACK)

BMV-712 Smart with Built-in Bluetooth: Simplify energy management with wireless connectivity. Real-time data and remote monitoring. Effortless integration with other Victron Energy products. Embrace a smarter, more efficient future!


Introducing the BMV-712 Smart with Built-in Bluetooth: Embrace the IoT Era!

Step into the future of energy management with the BMV-712 Smart, equipped with cutting-edge Built-in Bluetooth technology. Seamlessly integrating with other Victron Energy products, this smart battery monitor simplifies system installation and elevates overall performance.

Files from Victron:

Say goodbye to complex wiring and welcome a wireless world of communication, where the BMV-712 Smart connects effortlessly with compatible devices, providing real-time data and insights. Experience the convenience of remote monitoring and control, empowering you to optimize your energy usage like never before.

Stay connected and informed with the BMV-712 Smart’s Built-in Bluetooth. For a comprehensive overview of the full BMV range and compatible accessories, visit our blog and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in energy monitoring technology.

Join the IoT revolution with the BMV-712 Smart and unlock a new level of efficiency and convenience in battery monitoring. Upgrade now and embrace a smarter, wireless future!