Cerbo GX

Cerbo GX: Your Smart Power Control Solution. Perfectly monitor and optimize your system from anywhere. Maximizes performance, simple setup, and endless applications. The future of power management is here.



Introducing Cerbo GX: Your Smart Communication Center for Ultimate System Control

Cerbo GX is the all-new communication center that empowers you to have complete control over your system from anywhere, maximizing its performance like never before. With seamless connectivity options, this latest addition to the GX-range revolutionizes smart power solutions.

Files from Victron: https://www.victronenergy.com/panel-systems-remote-monitoring/cerbo-gx#certificates

Perfect Monitoring & Control: Monitor your system with ease and precision. Instantly check battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, and even monitor tank levels and temperature measurements. Take charge of the shore power input current limit, auto-start/stop generators, and optimize settings effortlessly. Resolve challenges remotely with the Cerbo GX, transforming any power challenge into a smooth experience.

Maximize System Performance: Equipped with a Dual Core Processor and an extra CAN-bus port, Cerbo GX maximizes the performance of your system’s components in real-time. Manage (lithium) batteries and support up to 25 simultaneously connected VE.Can solar chargers. Seamlessly integrate into any boat’s network with NMEA 2000-out support. Enjoy expanded control with four tank and four temperature ports, three VE.Direct ports, three USB ports, four digital inputs, and two relays, taking system performance to new heights.

Expand Your View: The optional GX Touch display offers an instant system overview and easy adjustment of settings. Its super slim waterproof design, top-mountable setup, and simple installation enable a flexible and clean dashboard creation.

Simple Mounting and Configuration: Installer-friendly design allows for easy DIN-Rail mounting (with DIN35 adapter, sold separately) and streamlined connection with the separate touchscreen. The new Bluetooth feature enables quick connection and configuration via the VictronConnect app.

Outsmart Any Power Challenge: Cerbo GX caters to diverse applications, making it the ideal solution for marine, off-grid, backup, energy storage, RVs, and emergency vehicles. Auto-start/stop generators, maintain backup batteries, divert excess solar power, and ensure flawless operation in critical systems.

Experience the future of smart power solutions with Cerbo GX. Take control, optimize performance, and outsmart any power challenge with ease. Discover the endless possibilities of system management today.