Ekrano GX

Ekrano GX: Advanced 7-inch touchscreen power controller. Perfectly monitor and optimize your system from anywhere. Easy installation, endless applications. The future of power management is here.



Introducing Ekrano GX: The Ultimate Power Management Solution

Ekrano GX represents the pinnacle of the GX product family, ushering in the next generation of advanced power control. Equipped with a comprehensive range of connections and interfaces, this remarkable device features an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, making it the most powerful GX device to date. With Ekrano GX, you can now take full control of your system from anywhere, optimizing its performance like never before.

Files from Victron: https://www.victronenergy.com/panel-systems-remote-monitoring/ekrano-gx#certificate

Seamless Remote Control: Stay in command of your system effortlessly through our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, enabling you to monitor and adjust settings from anywhere. Alternatively, access the device directly via the built-in touchscreen, a Multi-Functional Display (MFD), or our VictronConnect app with its convenient built-in WiFi Access Point.

Perfect Monitoring & Control: With Ekrano GX, monitoring your system is a breeze. Keep track of battery state of charge, power consumption, PV power harvest, generator usage, mains input, tank levels, and temperature measurements instantly. Take charge of the shore power input current limit, automatically start/stop generators, or fine-tune settings to optimize your system. Resolve challenges and perform diagnostic checks remotely with ease, transforming any power challenge into a seamless experience.

Expand Your View: The integrated 7-inch touchscreen offers an instant overview of your system, allowing for swift adjustments and settings control. Its super slim waterproof design provides flexibility in designing a clean and crisp dashboard. For added security, you can disable the touch function via a recessed button on the back to prevent unauthorized use.

Simple Mounting and Configuration: Ekrano GX is designed for easy flush panel or blind hole mounting and comes with all necessary mounting materials. Screw-on terminal blocks ensure secure and reliable connections.

Outsmart Any Power Challenge: The versatility of Ekrano GX is unmatched, catering to diverse applications, including marine solutions, off-grid systems, backup power, energy storage, RVs, and emergency vehicles. For each application, Ekrano GX adapts perfectly, auto-starting/stopping generators, ensuring 100% backup battery levels, diverting excess solar power to self-consumption, and ensuring vital systems function flawlessly.

Embrace the future of power management with Ekrano GX. Revolutionize your control, monitor with precision, and tackle any power challenge seamlessly. Experience the power of perfect control today.