Energy Meters ET112, ET340, EM24 Ethernet & EM540

Energy Meters: Efficient Power Monitoring Solutions

Measure power and energy consumption with precision using our Energy Meters. Choose from a range of models, including ET112 (single-phase up to 100A), ET340 (three-phase up to 65A), EM24 Ethernet (three-phase up to 65A with Ethernet connectivity), and EM540 (RS485 – three-phase up to 65A). Easily integrate with GX devices like Cerbo GX and the VRM Portal for seamless data display and monitoring. Upgrade your energy management and optimize efficiency with our reliable Energy Meters.


Introducing Energy Meters for Efficient Power Measurement

Energy Meters, including ET112, ET340, EM24 Ethernet, and EM540, play a vital role in Energy Storage Systems and PV Inverter applications. Measure power and energy consumption at the distribution box, providing essential data for optimal system management. Easily integrate with GX devices like Cerbo GX and the VRM Portal to display and monitor data efficiently.


Files from Victron:

Models Available:

  • ET112: Designed for single-phase up to 100A.
  • ET340: Ideal for three-phase up to 65A.
  • EM24 Ethernet: Suitable for three-phase up to 65A, with Ethernet connectivity.
  • EM540 (RS485): Offers three-phase measurement up to 65A, utilizing RS485 communication.

Upgrade your energy monitoring capabilities with Victron’s reliable Energy Meters. Maximize efficiency and take control of your power consumption today.