GX Touch 50 adapter for CCGX cut-out

Introducing the GX Touch 50 Adapter: Effortlessly upgrade your CCGX display to the sleek GX Touch. Secure mounting options and easy installation. Perfect fit for the 5-inch model. Upgrade now for a modern display experience!



Introducing the GX Touch 50 Adapter for CCGX Cut-out: Seamlessly Upgrade Your Display!

Upgrade your CCGX display effortlessly with our GX Touch 50 adapter, specially designed to replace the older model with ease. The package includes a sturdy metal bracket, a sleek plastic bezel, and four mounting screws for a hassle-free installation.

Files from Victron: https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/gx-touch-50-adapter-for-ccgx-cut-out#certificate

Choose from two mounting methods:

  1. “Install including screen” – For the utmost security, the GX Touch display is firmly mounted in place.
  2. “Install excluding screen” – Enjoy easy removal of the GX Touch display for maintenance, with the flexibility to mount the adapter before completing the wiring.

For detailed instructions, consult our Quick Installation Guide included in the package.

Model Available: GX Touch 50 Adapter is available for the 5-inch model.

Upgrade to the GX Touch effortlessly and experience a modern display solution that perfectly complements your setup. Simplify your installation process with the GX Touch 50 Adapter today!