MultiPlus 2000VA

Introducing the MultiPlus – a cutting-edge, all-in-one power management solution designed to revolutionize your energy needs. This multifunctional marvel combines an inverter and charger, offering a true sine wave inverter for seamless power delivery to your sensitive electronics. Its unique PowerAssist feature prevents overload from limited AC sources, while the UPS function ensures uninterrupted power during grid failures.

With the ability to operate up to 6 units in parallel, the MultiPlus provides virtually unlimited power, catering to a wide range of applications, including three-phase or split-phase operation. What’s more, remote monitoring and control capabilities, coupled with the free VRM app and VRM portal website, enable you to manage your system from anywhere in the world.

Versatile, efficient, and reliable, the MultiPlus is the future of power management, offering you unmatched control and convenience for your home, business, or off-grid setup. Experience the power of innovation with the MultiPlus today.



Introducing the MultiPlus 2000VA: Your Ultimate Multifunctional Power Solution

As the name suggests, the MultiPlus 2000VA is an ingenious combination of an inverter and charger, elegantly wrapped into one powerful package. Designed to deliver top-notch performance and versatility, this cutting-edge device boasts a plethora of features that cater to all your power needs.

True Sine Wave Inverter: Experience a seamless power supply with our true sine wave inverter. No more worries about fluctuations or distortions; the MultiPlus 2000VA ensures a stable and reliable energy output for your sensitive electronics, offering the same quality of electricity as your grid supply.

Adaptive Charging: Embrace efficiency with our adaptive charging technology. The MultiPlus 2000VA intelligently adjusts its charging process to suit your batteries’ specific requirements, prolonging their lifespan while maximizing charging speed and minimizing energy waste.

Hybrid PowerAssist Technology: Unleash the full potential of your power setup with Hybrid PowerAssist. Seamlessly integrating with various energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, this feature optimizes energy usage, prioritizing renewable sources when available, and automatically switching to the grid when needed. Say goodbye to energy shortages and hello to sustainable power management.

Unrivaled System Integration: The MultiPlus 2000VA takes system integration to a whole new level. Its smart design allows seamless connections with multiple power sources and applications, enabling effortless compatibility with existing setups and future expansions. Whether you’re looking to enhance your off-grid system or complement an existing grid-tied setup, the MultiPlus 2000VA fits right in.

Robust and Reliable: Crafted with precision and using top-quality materials, the MultiPlus 2000VA ensures longevity and durability in all conditions. Trust in its ability to deliver exceptional performance consistently, even in demanding environments.

Model Specifications: Power up with the MultiPlus 2000VA – the perfect balance of power and intelligence. This model provides a reliable 2000VA capacity, catering to a wide range of power requirements, from household appliances to essential business equipment.

Unlock the true potential of your power system with the MultiPlus 2000VA – your all-in-one solution for reliable, efficient, and future-ready power management.

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Experience the Power of Innovation: MultiPlus Unleashes Unmatched Features

  1. PowerAssist Feature – Unleash Limitless Potential: The MultiPlus takes power management to new heights with its groundbreaking PowerAssist feature. Say goodbye to concerns about overloading limited AC sources like generators or shore power connections. The MultiPlus has got you covered with its intelligent battery charging system that automatically reduces charging when an overload is imminent. But it doesn’t stop there – the second level of PowerAssist steps in to save the day by boosting the output of your generator or shore supply using power drawn from the battery. Enjoy uninterrupted power without any worries.
  2. Uninterrupted AC Power (UPS Function) – Always Stay Connected: Never experience disruptions during grid failures or when your shore or generator power disconnects. The MultiPlus’s built-in inverter takes charge immediately, with a response time of less than 20 milliseconds. Your computers and sensitive electronic equipment won’t even notice the transition; they’ll continue running seamlessly, thanks to the reliable UPS function of the MultiPlus.
  3. Virtually Unlimited Power – Parallel Operation: Reach new power horizons by connecting up to 6 MultiPlus units in parallel. This impressive parallel operation not only boosts your power output but also allows for three-phase or split-phase operation, enhancing the versatility of your power system. With MultiPlus, you have the freedom to expand your energy capacity effortlessly.
  4. Remote Monitoring and Control – Power at Your Fingertips: Stay in control no matter where you are with the MultiPlus’s remote monitoring and control capabilities. Simply pair it with a GX device, like the Cerbo GX, and you gain the power to oversee and manage your MultiPlus and system(s) from anywhere in the world. Access the free VRM app and the VRM portal website to monitor, adjust settings, and even automate backup generator startup. Your MultiPlus empowers you with ultimate control and convenience.

Embrace the Future of Power Management with MultiPlus: The MultiPlus series is more than just an inverter-charger; it’s a visionary power solution that redefines how you harness energy. Experience the innovation, efficiency, and reliability that MultiPlus brings to your power system, ensuring you always stay connected and in control. Whether you’re powering your home, business, or even a remote setup, MultiPlus delivers exceptional performance and adaptability, making it the ultimate choice for modern power needs.