Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger

Introducing the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger – the epitome of cutting-edge charging technology for boat owners and marine enthusiasts. This innovative adaptive 5-step charger offers exceptional versatility, empowering you to choose between 30A or 50A of charge for each of your three battery banks.

With the option of the Phoenix 1+1 model, you can enjoy 3A dedicated to your starter-battery, while the remaining charge efficiently powers your ‘house’ bank. For those with 24V systems, fear not; our models provide an impressive 16A/25A charge for enhanced performance.

Stay connected and in control with the charger’s Bluetooth-enabled feature, enabling effortless monitoring and alarm customization through your smartphone. Thanks to its intelligent and dynamic charge capabilities, your batteries receive the utmost care, resulting in extended battery life and optimized performance.

The Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger revolutionizes the way you charge your marine batteries, ensuring a reliable and seamless power supply for all your boating escapades. Embrace the future of charging technology and explore a new level



Introducing the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger – Your Ultimate Charging Solution

Designed with boat owners in mind, the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger sets a new standard in adaptive charging technology. This state-of-the-art 5-step charger offers unrivaled flexibility, catering to your unique power needs by providing either 30A or 50A of charge to each of three battery banks. Alternatively, opt for the Phoenix 1+1 model, which allocates 3A to the starter-battery and the remaining charge to your ‘house’ bank, ensuring optimal performance for your vessel.

No matter your power setup, the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger has you covered. Our 24V models offer an impressive 16A/25A charge, delivering the power you need when you need it most. With this charger’s cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, monitoring your charging process is now easier than ever. Simply access the intuitive mobile app and take control, even setting custom alarms for added peace of mind.


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Prepare to be impressed by the adaptive, intelligent, and dynamic charge features of the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger. This charging marvel takes care of your batteries like no other, ensuring longer battery life and improved performance for all your maritime adventures.

Key Features:

  • Adaptive 5-step charging for three battery banks (30A or 50A).
  • Phoenix 1+1 model: 3A to starter-battery, remaining charge to ‘house’ bank.
  • 24V models with 16A/25A charge for enhanced power delivery.
  • Bluetooth enabled for easy monitoring and alarm setup via your phone.
  • Intelligent, dynamic charge features for optimal battery performance.

Embrace the future of charging technology with the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger. Whether you’re sailing the seas or docked at the marina, trust in our charger to keep your batteries at their best.

Available Models:

  • 12 Volts
  • 24 Volts

Experience the difference of the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger – Your power, your way. Refer to the datasheet below for detailed technical specifications.