Introducing Quattro-II: The Ultimate Power Solution!

Quattro-II is an advanced all-in-one inverter and charger, seamlessly connecting to two AC inputs for uninterrupted power. Key features include true sine wave inverter, adaptive charging, and hybrid PowerAssist. Choose from two models for your ideal power output. Upgrade now and power up your life!



Introducing the Quattro-II: Your Ultimate Multifunctional Power Solution

Just like its predecessor, the MultiPlus-II, the Quattro-II is an advanced, all-in-one inverter and charger that is designed to revolutionize your power management experience. Taking it up a notch, this exceptional system is equipped to handle two AC inputs and intelligently connect to the most active source, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted power supply.

Key Features:

  1. True Sine Wave Inverter: Enjoy clean and stable energy output, providing you with the same reliable power you’d expect from a traditional grid connection.
  2. Adaptive Charging: The Quattro-II smartly adjusts its charging process based on your battery’s condition, optimizing charging speed and efficiency.
  3. Hybrid PowerAssist Technology: Never be left powerless with this innovative feature, which utilizes available energy sources to supplement your power needs during high demand periods.
  4. Enhanced System Integration: The Quattro-II supports versatile configurations like three or split phase operation and parallel operation, empowering you to tailor your power system according to your unique requirements.

Models Available:

  1. Quattro-II 24/5000/120-50: Ideal for medium-scale applications, this model offers 5000VA continuous power output at 120V, 50Hz, ensuring reliable performance in diverse scenarios.
  2. Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50: Tailored for more substantial power demands, this model provides an impressive 5000VA continuous power output at 48V, 50Hz, making it perfect for larger setups and increased energy needs.

Files from Victron Documents: https://www.victronenergy.com/inverters-chargers/quattro-ii#certificates

With the Quattro-II at your side, you can embrace an energy-efficient, adaptable, and dependable power solution for your home, business, or recreational ventures. Trust in its cutting-edge technology to bring you comfort and peace of mind, knowing that power is always at your fingertips.

Upgrade to the Quattro-II today and experience a new era of intelligent power management. Power up your life like never before!

Discover the unparalleled versatility of the Quattro-II, designed to empower your energy management with its advanced features and seamless operation. Let’s explore the remarkable benefits that set this system apart:

  1. Dual AC Inputs and Outputs: The Quattro-II offers the unique capability of connecting to two independent AC sources, such as shore-side power and a generator, or even two generators. Automatically sensing the active source, you can rest assured that your power supply remains uninterrupted.
  2. No-Break Functionality: In the event of a grid failure or disconnection of shore or generator power, the Quattro-II smoothly takes over the supply to your connected loads. Its lightning-fast response, in less than 20 milliseconds, ensures your sensitive electronics, like computers, continue to operate without any disruption.
  3. Secondary Output for Specific Loads: The second output is active only when AC power is available on one of the inputs. This allows you to connect loads that should not draw power from the battery, such as air-conditioning units or water heaters, providing a practical solution for your energy needs.
  4. Intelligent PowerAssist Feature: Safeguarding limited AC sources like generators or shore power connections, the Quattro-II employs a two-level approach. Firstly, battery charging is automatically reduced to prevent overloads. Secondly, it can boost the output of a generator or shore-side supply by drawing power from the battery when required, optimizing power distribution.
  5. Virtually Unlimited Power through Parallel Operation: Want more power? No problem! With the Quattro-II, you can achieve higher power outputs by paralleling up to 6 units together. This capability not only expands your power capacity but also allows for three-phase or split-phase operation, catering to a wide range of applications.

Embrace the Quattro-II today and embrace a new era of energy management. Its ingenuity, seamless integration, and reliability make it the ultimate choice for powering your home or business, regardless of the circumstances. Stay connected, stay powered – with Quattro-II!