Introducing the Quattro: Your ultimate multifunctional power solution. With two AC inputs and outputs, seamless switchover, adaptive charging, and PowerAssist feature, it ensures uninterrupted power for sensitive devices. Parallel operation allows unlimited power expansion. Monitor and control remotely with the free VRM app. Reliable, efficient, and versatile for residential, commercial, and industrial use.



Introducing Quattro: The Ultimate Multifunctional Power Solution

The Quattro sets a new standard for power solutions with its impressive multifunctional capabilities. Much like its counterpart, the MultiPlus, the Quattro serves as both an inverter and a charger. However, it goes above and beyond by accommodating two AC inputs and seamlessly connecting to the active source. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make the Quattro a top choice for power management:

  1. True Sine Wave Inverter: Enjoy clean and stable power output with the Quattro’s true sine wave inverter. It ensures that your sensitive electronic devices run smoothly and efficiently.
  2. Adaptive Charging: The Quattro’s adaptive charging feature optimizes battery charging to ensure longer battery life and maximum efficiency. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy wastage!
  3. Hybrid PowerAssist Technology: Take advantage of hybrid PowerAssist technology, which intelligently supplements your power supply with energy from alternative sources, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.
  4. Multiple System Integration: The Quattro seamlessly integrates with various power systems, offering three or split phase operation options. Whether you have specific power requirements or a complex setup, the Quattro has you covered.
  5. Parallel Operation: Need even more power? The Quattro’s parallel operation capability allows you to connect multiple units to increase your power capacity significantly.

List of Victron Documents: https://www.victronenergy.com/inverters-chargers/quattro#certificates


Available Models:

  • Quattro 3000VA
  • Quattro 5000VA
  • Quattro 8000VA
  • Quattro 10000VA
  • Quattro 15000VA

With its wide range of models, the Quattro caters to various power needs, from modest residential setups to large commercial applications.

Trust in Quattro’s reliability, efficiency, and versatility to keep your power supply stable and uninterrupted. Whether it’s for home, business, or industrial use, the Quattro is the go-to choice for all your power management needs.

The Quattro redefines power management with its advanced capabilities, providing you with a seamless and reliable energy solution. Let’s explore the exceptional features that set the Quattro apart from the rest:

Two AC Inputs & Two AC Outputs: With the Quattro, you can effortlessly connect to two independent AC sources, such as shore-side power and a generator, or even two generators. The system intelligently detects the active source and automatically connects to it, ensuring continuous power supply without any manual intervention. The primary output offers no-break functionality, allowing the Quattro to seamlessly take over the power supply to your connected loads in the event of a grid failure or disconnection from shore or generator power. This smooth transition, taking less than 20 milliseconds, guarantees uninterrupted operation for sensitive devices like computers and electronics.

The second output is active only when AC power is available on one of the Quattro’s inputs, making it ideal for connecting loads like air-conditioning or a water heater that shouldn’t draw power from the battery.

Unique PowerAssist Feature: Experience enhanced protection for limited AC sources, such as generators or shore power connections, with the Quattro’s PowerAssist feature. The system automatically reduces battery charging when an overload is likely to occur, safeguarding your power sources from potential damage. In cases where additional power is required, the Quattro can cleverly boost the output of generators or shore supplies by drawing power from the battery.

Virtually Unlimited Power through Parallel Operation: Take advantage of virtually limitless power by connecting up to 6 Quattros in parallel. This unique capability allows you to achieve higher power output, catering to even the most demanding energy needs. Furthermore, the Quattro supports three-phase or split-phase operation, making it highly versatile for various power configurations.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Empower yourself with comprehensive remote monitoring and control capabilities by pairing the Quattro with a GX device, such as the Cerbo GX. Through this integration, you gain full access to monitor and manage your Quattro and power system(s) from anywhere in the world, whether it’s locally (LAN) or remotely via the internet. The free VRM app and VRM portal website offer intuitive interfaces accessible from various devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, supporting multiple operating systems. Enjoy unparalleled control, from adjusting your Quattro settings to even auto-starting a backup generator if needed.

Embrace the Quattro’s cutting-edge features and unleash the true potential of your power management. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, the Quattro delivers unmatched reliability, efficiency, and adaptability to meet your energy requirements with ease.