SmartShunt: The compact all-in-one battery monitor. No display needed – connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and access vital battery parameters. Versatile, clutter-free solution with VE.Direct port. Upgrade your energy monitoring now!


Introducing the SmartShunt: All-in-One Smart Battery Monitor

The SmartShunt is the ultimate all-in-one battery monitor designed without a display, utilizing your phone or tablet as the intuitive interface. Connect effortlessly via Bluetooth to the VictronConnect app and access a wealth of battery parameters, including state of charge, time to go, historical data, and more.

Files from Victron:

For added flexibility, the SmartShunt can also be connected to a GX device using a VE.Direct cable, providing seamless integration into your existing monitoring system.

A perfect alternative to the BMV battery monitor, the SmartShunt offers a tidy solution with minimal wiring and clutter. Equipped with Bluetooth and a VE.Direct port, it offers versatile options for monitoring a second battery, midpoint monitoring, or a temperature sensor.

Available in multiple models ranging from 500A to 2000A, in both IP21 and IP65 ratings, the SmartShunt caters to a wide range of system requirements.

Upgrade to the SmartShunt and experience hassle-free, smart battery monitoring like never before. Simplify your energy management today!