Venus GX

Venus GX: Effortless System Monitoring, Anywhere, Anytime. Complete control at your fingertips via your smartphone or devices. Manage your energy seamlessly and optimize performance.



Venus GX: Your Complete Communication-Center for Seamless Monitoring

The Venus GX serves as the central hub for your installation, allowing smooth communication and coordination among all components. Monitor live data and adjust settings conveniently using your smartphone or other devices via our user-friendly Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM).

Files from Victron:

Please note: For new installations, we recommend the equally priced yet significantly more powerful Cerbo GX.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive System Overview: Instantly access crucial system details – battery state of charge, real-time power consumption, PV power harvest, and mains/generator power provision.
  2. Victron Remote Management: Enjoy full control over system components connected to your CCGX or Venus GX. Experience remote user and installer login from anywhere, anytime, with hassle-free diagnostics and archived data analysis.
  3. Automatic Generator Start/Stop: Program the Venus GX to automatically start your generator based on low-voltage, high-demand, or battery state of charge. Customize ignition delays to avoid disturbances during quiet periods.
  4. Remote Console: Access live data and settings of your Venus GX from anywhere in the world, providing ultimate control and convenience.
  5. Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Monitoring: Manage Energy Storage Systems efficiently, maintaining backup batteries at full capacity, engaging during power-cuts, and optimizing self-consumption of excess solar power to save costs.
  6. Remote Monitoring for Boats and Motorhomes: Stay prepared for your trips with remote monitoring of your Venus GX. Enjoy seamless communication with connected equipment from various manufacturers, including tank monitoring.

Experience the Venus GX’s exceptional monitoring capabilities and maximize the efficiency of your energy system. Streamline control and keep your power management on track with Venus GX!