Zigbee to USB converter & Zigbee to RS485

This pair of Zigbee converters is to wirelessly connect an Energy Meter to a GX Device.

Zigbee to USB converter, DRF2658C, DTK
Zigbee to RS485 converter, DRF2659C, DTK


Introducing Our Zigbee Converters: Streamlined Wireless Connectivity for Energy Meters and GX Devices

Files from Victron:https:https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/zigbee-converters#certificates

  1. Zigbee to USB Converter (DRF2658C, DTK): Enjoy seamless wireless communication between your Energy Meter and GX Device via USB connectivity. Experience hassle-free data transmission for efficient energy management.
  2. Zigbee to RS485 Converter (DRF2659C, DTK): Efficiently connect your Energy Meter and GX Device wirelessly through RS485 communication. Streamline data transfer for accurate and reliable energy monitoring.

Transform the way you monitor energy with our advanced Zigbee converters. Embrace the convenience of wireless connectivity and optimize your energy management system effortlessly.