Automatic Mains Failure Panel

Operating Method:

The panel operates on an automatic mains failure system, meaning that when the main supply is interrupted on one or all phases (after an adjustable delay period) the Generating Set will start. After a warm up period (adjustable) the generator contactor will be activated. When the control unit detects that the main supply has been restored an adjustable observation period is activated before the main supply is reconnected. A Cool down period will then follow, after which the Generator Set will be shut down.

Protection via RGAM Controller:

  • Over and under speed
  • Phase failure
  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Engine stop failure
  • Over/under voltage
  • Auto, Manual and Off Functions
  • Run-time meter
  • Cool down timer
  • Range of alarm functions
  • A manual is available for much more features on the Controller
  • RS-232 port for setup, remote control and GSM modem (optional)
  • Auto test function

Viewable measurements:

  • Battery voltage
  • Phase and mains voltage values
  • Phase and generator voltage values
  • Phase current
  • Generator frequency
  • Engine running hour counter