Baseload (Keystart) Panel

Operating Method:

The main function of this panel is to protect the engine and alternator. The unit will be Key-started. A Cool down period will form part of the panel construction on all turbo models.

Protection via Deep Sea 5310/7310 Controller:

  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Alarm display
  • Alternator overload
  • Cool down timer on all turbo models
  • Over speed protection on all turbo models
  • Battery charge failure
  • Phase, line and system voltage values
  • Phase current values
  • Phase and total active, reactive and apparent power values
  • Active and reactive energy
  • Phase power factor
  • Phase angle of the harmonic fundamental
  • Frequency value of the monitoring voltage
  • Maximum and minimum instant readings of phase voltages and current as well as total active power.
  • Maximum readings of current and total active power sampled in relation to programmed periods (adjustable)
  • High accuracy true RMS indications
  • Digital LED display
  • 9 digit pre-settable hour counter as well as total counter
  • Plug-in terminal connections


As soon as Eskom power returns a delay period will be allowed to monitor the main supply for stability before the controller synchronizes with Eskom and down-ramps the generators. This is termed a `No Break Return` – no interruptions or lost production during switch-over to Eskom.