Eskom supply still tight

Eskom is making progress with its planned maintenance programme but the supply system remains tight, the parastatal said on Friday.

he power supply capacity to meet Friday evening’s peak demand was 32,513 megawatts (MW), more than the forecast 30,715 MW, Eskom said in a statement.

It said current planned maintenance stood at 4,845 MW and unplanned outages were 5,639 MW.

Peak demand for the rest of the week was forecast at: 29,385 MW on Saturday, 29,104 MW on Sunday, 31,337 MW on Monday, 31,376 MW on Tuesday, 31,454 MW on Wednesday, and 31,265 MW on Thursday.

“We urge all South Africans to partner with us to keep the lights on and save 10 percent of their electricity usage.

“This will make it significantly easier to manage the power system during this challenging time, while also enabling us to do planned maintenance to ensure the reliability of our plant.”

Eskom said it would release a power supply update twice a week to keep citizens informed.

– Google News