Cheap Generators

Are you thinking about buying an inexpensive generator?  Cheap generators tend to make a lot of sense.  Most people want to hang onto their money as long as they can nowadays, and with good reason.  No one wants to lose what they have, but that is exactly what can happen if you lose power and do not have a portable generator, the problem is that majority of the times a cheap generator will end up costing you more than buying a reliable standby generator from a reputable company.

In 2011, forty percent (40%) of all generators sold by EMR Generators in South Africa, were sold to replace faulty “so-called” cheap generators.  These were “cheap” imports, that offered no warranty nor were any spares available.

Beware of the cheap bargain generators of unknown origins!  Ensure that the generator that you are buying is from a well known company, the company must offer a wide range of products,  good warranty and carries spares.